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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  Holiday Tournaments

Topic:  Holiday Tournaments
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  Message Not Read  Holiday Tournaments
   Posted: 11/24/2021 1:05:47 PM 
Toledo won the one they participated in and Akron won a game in the one they attended. But that's not they point of this.

Do players really like to play in these? Do coaches like these and are they "good" for the development of the team?

Why is it fair to rip the non-playing students and the band from getting to attend a home game or two instead of playing three on a neutral court at odd ball hours of the day?

Are they cheaper for the athletic department then setting up a schedule to go on the road to play a few "local" away games like Pitt or WV instead of vacation spots?

Many of these gyms would make weeknight MAC football look like packed houses.

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  Message Not Read  RE: Holiday Tournaments
   Posted: 11/24/2021 1:42:43 PM 
I want to say they count for fewer games against the count allowed per season. So if you playa 4 team 2 game tournament it only counts as 1 game against the season total.
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  Message Not Read  RE: Holiday Tournaments
   Posted: 11/24/2021 3:28:46 PM 
Toledo plays Coastal Carolina in the championship of the Bahamas tonight and Kent plays ETSU in the championship of their tournament in Naples. Both games are at 8.

A lot of these tournaments are in tourist destinations. I would imagine the local city/sponsor covers a lot of the travel&lodging costs for the teams. From their perspective getting these tournament games on TV helps advertise for tourists. Thatís my guess at least.

Assuming itís cheap, I do see the benefit of it for the MAC as there are solid opponents we might otherwise not be able to afford to play at home...For example, Kent beat George Washington and James Madison while Toledo beat Charlotte and Tulane in the earlier rounds of their tournament. I doubt either program could afford/convince those schools to come play in a MAC gym.

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  Message Not Read  RE: Holiday Tournaments
   Posted: 11/24/2021 3:33:55 PM 
I miss the fact that Ohio didn't get into one of these tournaments. Would have loved to at least had the opportunity to watch this team play 2-3 games in person at a destination site.

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  Message Not Read  RE: Holiday Tournaments
   Posted: 11/25/2021 12:59:20 PM 
These ďtournamentsĒ donít really seem to be tournaments anymore. I remember the old holiday tournaments, like the Marshall Invitational, that had four teams, at one place, in this case Huntington, and two games were played on Thursday or Friday, and the next day the winners played the winners and the losers played the losers. I guess the team that lost both games didnít get a trophy and that doesnít fit into todayís mindset, or something, but I see very few real tournaments these days. I think what often passes as a tournament now is just an excuse to get in an extra game taking advantage of a quirk in the NCAA regulations. Just my two cents worth.

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