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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  Happy Father's Day

Topic:  Happy Father's Day
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  Message Not Read  Happy Father's Day
   Posted: 6/19/2022 2:57:22 PM 
Got a call from my kid first thing this AM with the sounds of an exposure event with a basketball bouncing and a whistle in the background. Told him I had already heard from Rhodes, McKinley, PapaCoop and others. Sitting here reflecting on all the great Dads I have met in and around ATHENS....from OldKatz and the Walthers, to Ruck, Ted Thompson and McKinney who area amongst all the great Dads from DC to the left coast that all back the Cats. When your kid signs on the line the relationships that come from the experience are lifelong and really rewarding whether it is reminiscing about a trip to Providence to planning on when we will next see the Bobcats.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the Bobcats I have met along the way and shout out a Really Happy Father's Day to all the Bobcat Dads out there

Last Edited: 6/19/2022 2:59:15 PM by bornacatfan

never argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Winter comes and asks how you spent your summer.....

The game loves and rewards those who love and reward the game

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  Message Not Read  RE: Happy Father's Day
   Posted: 6/20/2022 11:04:57 AM 
And a belated Happy Dad's Day to you, Borna.

I spent most of yesterday watching the College World Series games. Ever since the '94 baseball strike a I get a lot more enjoyment watching college and minor league ball than the majors. The college games are more fun because of the fan involvement and the players' joy seems to be more real.

I noticed earlier in the tournament that Texas A&M has some unis that say "Texas Aggies." Made me think of the whole "Real Ohio" issue; dug my Real Ohio shirt out of the dresser drawer.

We will get by.
We will get by.
We will get by.
We will survive.

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Andrew Ruck
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  Message Not Read  RE: Happy Father's Day
   Posted: 6/20/2022 8:17:29 PM 
Thanks Tom - Happy Father's Day to you as well, glad you stuck around the Bobcat family!

Andrew Ruck
B.B.A. 2003

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