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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: Official Game 4 Thread: Kentucky

Topic:  RE: Official Game 4 Thread: Kentucky
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  Message Not Read  RE: Official Game 4 Thread: Kentucky
   Posted: 11/21/2021 7:37:01 PM 
GraffZ06 wrote:
longtiimelurker wrote:

-I am not sure what JAG means (unless Catherine Bell is involved) but I agree those 2 need to be able to handle the ball and score if Sears is to get any rest. Not thinking Sears has DJ Cooper play all day chops.

JAG = Just A Guy. Aka nothing special/can get similar production from another guy or someone who you don't notice and blends into the background.

longtiimelurker wrote:

Rebounding was going to be an issue as there is a difference in the athletes and wingspans. Ohio is actually the taller team according to KenPom at 76.7 vs 76.5 and both are down in the mid 200s as far as height and both are below the NCAA D-1 average, but those guys going to the rack at UK have lots of bounce and really big wingspans as well as superior quickness and speed. So "FIFTY THREE to MF 17!!!" is not surprising in the bigger picture. It would be interesting to see rebounds broken down by half and see how much of a difference the big in the middle made as opposed to when Brooks was playing the center spot.

That's an interesting question. I remember looking at the screen at halftime and the rebounding was bad but didn't remember exactly what it was. So I went back through the PBP and counted. I could be off by one or something but I came up with:

First half: UK 26, OU 11
Second half: UK 27, OU 6

Some interesting notes on that. With 10:54 to go in 1st half and OU leading 22-14, the rebounding number was UK 10, OU 9.

We were out-rebounded 43-8 the rest of the way. That's almost unbelievable.

At that point in the first half we brought in the bench. UK promptly went on a 14-3 run taking a 28-25 lead to the 6 minute mark. In those 5 minutes they out-rebounded us 10-1 and our only rebound was a dead ball rebound.

Oddly to start the second half we tied them on rebounds 3-3 for the first 3 and a half minutes when we were up 44-42. They out-rebounded us 24-3 from there.

Great stats, explains a lot. Thanks
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