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General Ohio University Discussion/Alumni Events
Topic:  College Fan Base Categories

Topic:  College Fan Base Categories
El Gato Roberto
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  Message Not Read  College Fan Base Categories
   Posted: 12/22/2021 9:28:13 PM 
Found this out on Twitter…submitted for your consideration:


"The name's Ohio University, but everybody calls me Ohio. Any of you guys call me Ohio U, and I'll kill you."

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  Message Not Read  RE: College Fan Base Categories
   Posted: 12/23/2021 12:34:54 PM 
It lists UT-Knoxville as friendly AND hostile? It has Texas as sensitive AND hostile AND non-existent? It's a load of BS. It's meaningless.

Barstool founder David Portnoy has described the site's topics as "sports/smut" and to be honest the site does look like a bunch of click-bait. Current topics on the home page include:

"Watch This When You're High"
"There's an Ass for Every Office Chair..."
"Zah Opens Up About Growing Up With Dwarfism"

and of course...
"Disturbing Photos for Mature Audiences Only"
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  Message Not Read  RE: College Fan Base Categories
   Posted: 12/24/2021 9:23:06 AM 
They've obviously never experienced a Marshall home game. Friendly?
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