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Topic:  Message Board Posting Policy

Topic:  Message Board Posting Policy
Ryan Carey
Site Programmer

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  Message Not Read  Message Board Posting Policy
   Posted: 7/6/2010 3:19:57 AM 

Here is a brief explanation of the policies that will be enforced on this board:

Focus and Purpose

The purpose of this board is to be a discussion area for Ohio fans. Posts to this board should be relevant to that topic. Opposing viewpoints are welcome, but non-OU-fans are expected to respect the fact that this is "our house." Those wanting an entirely open free-for-all are encouraged to take it to a neutral forum such as the USEnet newsgroup rec.sport.football.college or an unmoderated forum.

Inappropriate Posts

Inappropriate posts include:

  • Flames ("you suck!"), personal attacks, and profanity.
  • Baiting (responding to relevant post with non-relevant, flame post)
  • Chest-beating by fans of other teams ("Ohio sucks!").
  • Factually false posts, particularly of a personal nature with regards to players and coaches.
  • Any rumor spreading, however implicit, regarding legal isssues (where charges have not been filed) or personal lives of athletes or coaches.
  • Posts named using someone elses name. (Cleve Bryant, Jim Grobe, Snoopy Graham)
  • Post promoting products, services, web sites, or anything else.
  • Profanity (that you won't hear during prime time television), either in the title or in the body of text.

Actions Taken

Inapproprate postings are subject to deletion from the forum. At the discretion of any of the volunteer administrators, an offending post will be removed, optionally with the entire thread (all responses) under it.

If a given person develops a long history of attempts to disrupt this board, action will be taken to remove their posting privileges entirely.
Please note that there is not an area for political discussion on this board. We want this board to focus on Ohio athletics and don't want to spend bandwidth on other pursuits. We would encourage you to find a discussion board dedicated to politics. For a list of such sites, click here.
The no politics rule is also in effect for Personal Signatures and Personal Icons. Anybody found using signatures/icons of a political nature will have them removed, along with the ability to save a personal signature or icon.

Ryan M. Carey
BBA 2001

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