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Topic:  Odd copy/paste

Topic:  Odd copy/paste
The Optimist
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  Message Not Read  Odd copy/paste
   Posted: 8/28/2013 8:26:11 PM 
This isn't a major issue, just kind of strange. I copied a tweet and posted it in the thread I linked below. The avatar (from twitter) of the guy whose tweet I copied didn't show up when I pasted into the message editor on this site but it is now showing up off to the left of the normal posting area next to my BA avatar in the thread.


I've seen crazier things happen.

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Ryan Carey
Site Programmer

Member Since: 11/11/2004
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  Message Not Read  RE: Odd copy/paste
   Posted: 8/28/2013 11:19:23 PM 
I cleaned it up, seems like some sites are inserting their own HTML into their copy/paste these days...see it sometimes when a URL is copied but when pasted it has part of the article or headline and a little text lead-in then the URL is linked.

Ryan M. Carey
BBA 2001

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