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Ohio Basketball Recruiting
Topic:  RE: So many offers, so few slots

Topic:  RE: So many offers, so few slots
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  Message Not Read  RE: So many offers, so few slots
   Posted: 1/13/2022 11:53:06 AM 
There was an interesting thread on the college basketball subreddit about the best recruits teams just missed out on. I believe Bane's final two were TCU and Miami. Good choice - hard to imagine the kid leading a home win over KU slumming it in Millett.

Did you know Russell Westbrook was *this* close to signing with Kent State?
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  Message Not Read  RE: So many offers, so few slots
   Posted: 1/14/2022 12:47:34 PM 
bobcatsquared wrote:
bobcatsquared wrote:
Jeff McKinney wrote:
bobcatsquared wrote:
OU_Country wrote:
IMO, where they failed was retaining the likes of Ryan Taylor, Zach Butler, and Jaaron Simmons. They also failed to get that one kid, or two kids, who would have been difference makers from day one - someone like Desmond Bane, Isaiah Maurice, Jayvon Graves, Tyrese Haliburton, Devin Cannady.

Haliburton and Bane both drafted in the first round of this week's NBA draft. Haliburton 11th and Bane 30th.

OU Country nailed that one.

Haliburton getting early mentions as possible rookie of the year. Bane has hit at least one 3 pointer in the first 6 games of his career, second most ever in the NBA.

Haliburton averaging 14 pts and 7 rebs for Kings.

Bane at 17.5 ppg while becoming one of the league's top sharpshooters for the surging Memphis Grizzlies.

Thanks for reviving the thoughts on this. Goes to show they could identify talent very well, they just couldn't close the deal well enough.

I never would have seen both of those guys being NBA contributors when they were early on at ISU and TCU. They got notably better. Good for them.
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  Message Not Read  RE: So many offers, so few slots
   Posted: 1/14/2022 8:39:18 PM 
Wasn’t Bane leaning towards Miami until they got rid of the coach or something?

"Loyalty to a hometown or city is fleeting and interchangeable, but college is a stamp of identity."- Kyle Whelliston, One Beautiful Season.

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  Message Not Read  RE: So many offers, so few slots
   Posted: 1/15/2022 1:33:42 AM 
Eff Bane talk....rehash bad/irrelevant hash....

RS Bobcat

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