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Ohio Football Recruiting
Topic:  RE: 2023 Ohio Football Commits

Topic:  RE: 2023 Ohio Football Commits
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  Message Not Read  RE: 2023 Ohio Football Commits
   Posted: 2/2/2023 11:21:23 PM 
Doc Bobcat wrote:
OhioCatFan wrote:
Do you still have two scholarship slots available? If so, I suspect they’ll be filled with JUCOs.

Or Portal People.

That too!

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  Message Not Read  RE: 2023 Ohio Football Commits
   Posted: 2/3/2023 9:33:57 AM 
colobobcat66 wrote:
A good recruiting season by 247 ratings so one of our best ever classes.

Ohio's National Recruiting rank by year:
2005 102
2006 101
2007 109
2008 88
2009 103
2010 112
2011 101
2012 93
2013 117
2014 102
2015 92
2016 115
2017 103
2018 122
2019 104
2020 129
2021 101
2022 132
2023 96

Some of these classes were better than they were rated, some were worse. For example, the 2013 class included two low-rated players who later had some time in the NFL, Sayles and Basham, while 2009 and 2017 included low-rated quarterbacks named Tettleton and Rourke. At the other extreme, 2012 included a highly rated player, Mike Roberts, who was a good player, but he played for Toledo, not Ohio.

Its always hard to say how the players will turn out. In my mind, the 2008 class was the best yet, and it was also the highest ranked. 2023 would appear to be in the best 3-5 classes, and the best on in a long time. The recruiting classes sine 2018 have been significantly worse than, say, the 2005-2009 era or the 2014-2017 era, which makes the accomplishments of last year even more impressive; Ohio nearly won the MAC with some of the worst recruiting classes in recent history. I'm looking forward to see what this staff can do with one of the best recruiting classes.

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