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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  OT: Toledo named one of the worst college towns in America.

Topic:  OT: Toledo named one of the worst college towns in America.
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  Message Not Read  OT: Toledo named one of the worst college towns in America.
   Posted: 1/25/2024 2:04:39 PM 
According to new rankings from WalletHub, Toledo was named one of the worst college towns in the country.

WalletHub released their ranking of the best and worst college towns in the United States, and they took everything into consideration. They carefully selected and rated 415 college towns of varying sizes from across the United States, scoring them based on their wallet friendliness, their social environment, and their academic and economic opportunities. Then they did the math and ranked these college towns overall from 1 to 415.

“While Toledo ranked well for the wallet friendliness score, coming in at number 75 out of 415, it was less than average for social environment scoring 268 and very very poor in academic and economic opportunities scoring 401 in that category,” the story reads. “We guess the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here.”

New recruiting strategy unlocked...?

*edit* I found the original article. As fun as it is to crap on other college towns knowing Athens is superior, they also ranked Oxford 29th... and Columbus was 26th - which is in no world a college town.

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