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Topic:  "Like"

Topic:  "Like"
Andrew Ruck
General User

Member Since: 12/22/2004
Location: Columbus, OH
Post Count: 4,687

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  Message Not Read  "Like"
   Posted: 9/7/2010 11:46:40 AM 
This may be kind of dumb, but I'm a facebook user and I kinda like how everything they have on there has a like option where you can express your approval of something.  I always thought message boards are the perfect environment for this.  Instead of replying "I agree" or "+1" or "Preach On"...you can click Like.  It'd be cool to see how certain opinions are being viewed by others, and how many "likes" certain viewpoints get. 

I have never seen this on a message board before, so why not be pioneers?  Sure it is kind of tacky, and would be a complete ripoff of a facebook tool, but I think it'd make the site more interesting.  Wondering if others think it would be cool, and if Ryan thinks it would be a nightmare to add.

Andrew Ruck
B.B.A. 2003

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Ryan Carey
Site Programmer

Member Since: 11/11/2004
Post Count: 948

Status: Offline

  Message Not Read  RE: "Like"
   Posted: 9/7/2010 11:53:44 AM 
It's been on the list for version 3.0 for awhile.  Sadly I just have time to add things to that list and never remove them! 

http://stackoverflow.com/ has something similar so it's been around on message boards, probably before FB so it wouldn't be too tacky.

Ryan M. Carey
BBA 2001

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