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Ohio Olympic Sports/Other Sports
Topic:  MAC Hockey

Topic:  MAC Hockey
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  Message Not Read  MAC Hockey
   Posted: 1/2/2013 10:48:33 PM 
With the success of multiple MAC teams in NCAA D1 hockey, and B1G forming their own conference. Should the MAC form their own conference? Would they have an automatic berth into NCAA Hockey Playoffs? Would this increase revenue for sports and more exposure for MAC sports? This is assuming all teams from MAC schools with Hockey move into NCAA D1. 

Current MAC schools with Hockey (Club D1/NCAA D1)

-Western Michigan
-Bowling Green
-UMASS (have them join for Hockey also)

Club D1
-Eastern Michigan
-Kent State

Kent State

Eastern Michigan
Bowling Green
Western Michigan

Have eight teams for MAC and have a tournament and winner gets automatic berth. Tournament Games would be held either at Nationwide Arena, Joe Louis Arena, or Quicken Loans Arena. Thoughts?

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  Message Not Read  RE: MAC Hockey
   Posted: 1/3/2013 1:32:04 PM 
And where are these schools getting the millions of dollars to move to DI?

"Loyalty to a hometown or city is fleeting and interchangeable, but college is a stamp of identity."- Kyle Whelliston, One Beautiful Season.

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  Message Not Read  RE: MAC Hockey
   Posted: 1/3/2013 3:08:44 PM 
If you took away coach's salaries and some recruiting costs, I'll bet fielding (icing?) a big-time hockey team approaches football in gross expense, without the return.  The venue costs alone for a school like Ohio would be staggering.

If we can't afford men's track and field when the venue already exists due to Title IX implications, I don't think hockey has a snowball's chance in h$#@.
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  Message Not Read  RE: MAC Hockey
   Posted: 1/3/2013 5:44:56 PM 
Penn State just started their first season of D-1 Hockey and I think they are spending like $60 million just on the hockey arena.  Unless we have an alum dying for Ohio Hockey to be more than a varsity sport I can't ever see it happening. 
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