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Topic:  Too bad about the MAC et al

Topic:  Too bad about the MAC et al
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  Message Not Read  Too bad about the MAC et al
   Posted: 12/3/2011 8:47:28 AM 
To help assuage the agony of watching the football Bobcats lose it yet once again, OU could have had at least one other alternative to watch on the national stage - a pretty good team in the toughest conference in the US - the American Lacrosse Conference - if Hocutt, McDavis, and a few others not decided to trash the Lax program along with a couple of others.

Check out the caliber of the teams in that conference where OU held its own:  http://www.americanlacrosseconference.org/

Check out this link to the coach OU's administration decided to keep in the dark about the demise of her program even as she recruited eleven freshmen almost all of whom had opportunities to attend universities where the Lax programs continue to this day:  http://www.navysports.com/sports/w-lacros/mtt/valentino_a...

Since her departure from OU, in just three years, Coach Valentino and the Navy head coach brought a brand new Navy Women's Lacrosse team to the NCAA finals:  http://www.navysports.com/sports/w-lacros/recaps/051411aa...

That could have been OU.

I hear that Hocutt's time at Miami didn't last too long.  Where is he now?  Somewhere in Texas, I understand.  OU was just a stepping stone for him as he left three trashed programs in his wake.

McDavis, I hear, got a whopping pay raise just a year later, a raise that was in excess of what it cost to fund one of the entire men's programs he participated in dropping.

OU had a dedicated cadre of students and parents who put a lot of time and resources into the OU Lax program, oblivious to the fact that OU's administration was planning its demise.

The only ones I feel for in this lost MAC championship are the players and students. 

As for all the rest who participated in shafting the dedicated student athletes in 2007, well...tough.

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