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Ohio Olympic Sports/Other Sports

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  Message Not Read  SEASON'S BEATINGS
   Posted: 12/23/2011 12:10:12 PM 

                                            SEASON'S BEATINGS

                           from OHIO

Here’s to our M&M (Mickey Mouse?)* rivals Marshall and Miami- may you have another year like 2011 against the Bobcats. Congratulations OHIO sports teams for putting a whooping on the teams (most of us) love to hate. 2011 results:

 OHIO Swimming and Diving

               Jan 18 beat Marshall 132-87

 Feb 15 beat Miami 163-135

 OHIO Softball

               May 11 beat Miami in Mac Tourney 5-4

 OHIO Baseball

               May 20 beat Miami 3-2

               May 21 beat Miami 10-9

 OHIO Soccer

               Sept. 2 beat Marshall 1-0

OHIO Field Hockey

Aug. 31 beat OS Who? 2-1 (had to throw this one in)

Oct 2 beat Miami 2-0

Oct 22 beat Miami 1-0

Nov. 4 beat Miami in Mac Tourney 1-0

            (Miami’s goal? Well, they don’t have one!)

 OHIO Football

Oct 17 beat Marshall 44-7!

               Nov 22 beat Miami 21-14 (make that 6 straight!)

 OHIO Women’s basketball

Jan 18 beat Miami 69-56

March 2 beat Miami 76-47!

Nov 19 beat Marshall 68-56

OHIO Men’s basketball

March 15 beat Marshall 65-64

Nov 30 beat Marshall 70-68

(2 road kills in 1 year)

 OHIO Volleyball

Oct 10 beat Marshall 3-0

Oct 24 beat Miami 3-0

Oct 30 beat Miami 3-0

Nov 18 beat Miami in Mac Tourney 3-0

            (that’s 12 sets to nil)

*is there someone in the Ozone who can resurrect ‘Mickey Miami’ for the basketball game ? Gary Trent might enjoy that.

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  Message Not Read  RE: SEASON'S BEATINGS
   Posted: 12/23/2011 2:47:00 PM 

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