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Topic:  RE: Hocking Hills State Park Lodge and Conference Center

Topic:  RE: Hocking Hills State Park Lodge and Conference Center
OUs LONG Driver
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  Message Not Read  RE: Hocking Hills State Park Lodge and Conference Center
   Posted: 12/27/2022 2:37:10 PM 
Alan is spot on again about the reworked 9 at OU. It was really nice when it reopened and I am thankful that it timed well for my time in Athens to be there A LOT when it was still in good shape. I played the old 9 with my brother while he was in school once...WOW what a difference. I was sad to see it was in really rough shape last time I played it 2 seasons ago and I know it's been that way a while. Bunkers were a mess, crab grass is everywhere, etc.

The First Tee would be an awesome program to add to the area as well as Youth on Course. They both support introducing the game and making it so it can be affordable. I've only been involved with these for a year but have been really happy with both in the Akron area.

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Campus Flow
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  Message Not Read  RE: Hocking Hills State Park Lodge and Conference Center
   Posted: 12/27/2022 3:25:50 PM 
Alan Swank wrote:
Campus Flow wrote:
Another supporting data point for putting an 18 hole course in the Athens vicinity is that (from the referenced article) industry recommends having one for every 25,000 people and 50,000 for a 36 hole course.

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/failing-golf-courses-killi... .

From what I remember 90% of Athens County population is within that Nelsonville to Athens corridor. Population is solidly over 50,000 people. Athens Country Club it appears is more of a swim and tennis club than a serious golf club and it only has 9 holes so another 18 in Athens County gives you only 27.

Location wise I think you want to be as close to US 33 as what you can. An 18 hole course in The Plains would be easier for land acquisition and more centered in the Athens-Nelsonville corridor. Ridges is an extra 10 minutes south partially because you have to wind up the hillside. Athens Country Club is only a mile from that one. If passers by can see the golf course from US 33 that is instant advertising.

90% is a bit high. Alexander Local is the second largest school district in the county and it's south of Athens. You also forgot about the 9 hole course at OU. When it first reopened after a redesign around 2000, it was the nicest course in the county - great tees, huge greens, four sets of tees, and brand new bunkers. The tees are still pretty good but the greens are not as nice as the county club. The traps are a disaster. As LongDriver said earlier, a solid maintenance program is the key.

If the community authority is approved by OU and City Council, the land to put the course on at the Ridges would be free which would reduce the cost of building a course. The biggest obstacles I foresee would be the public outcry over the negative environmental effect the course would have and the mistaken belief that golf is an elitist white man's game. If done properly and in conjunction with OU, a world class "First Tee" type of program could be developed so that kids of all socioeconomic groups in the area could participate in what is a lifetime sport.

Last thing - the tennis courts at the county club have been plowed under.

I was including Albany/Alexander Local as the southern end of the 90% corridor. Adding up the townships within 2 miles of the entire corridor one time it was about 54-55,000 which is closer to 83-88% depending if you think the county has 65,000 or closer to 62,000 as the 2020 census indicated. Outside the US33/US32 corridor there isn't much. Extending the bikeway further when it costs 1 million per mile from 25 miles to a 100 mile system is a pipe dream when 80-85% are within 2 miles of the existing system.

OU of course will have a say in what goes and doesn't go on The Ridges and having that 9 hole course on campus likely satisfies its golf needs. Turning the land into a regional park as a community asset while land around The Plains will never have that same value. But it could be designed in a way to be reasonably scenic for the purpose of an 18 hole golf course with some imagination.

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  Message Not Read  RE: Hocking Hills State Park Lodge and Conference Center
   Posted: 12/28/2022 9:14:16 AM 
Loved playing the Players Club!
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