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Ohio Basketball
Topic:  RE: SIU PlayxPlay Gig/Russ Tweet

Topic:  RE: SIU PlayxPlay Gig/Russ Tweet
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  Message Not Read  RE: SIU PlayxPlay Gig/Russ Tweet
   Posted: 7/24/2023 5:01:39 PM 
FearLeon wrote:
Jeff McKinney wrote:
Deciduous Forest Cat wrote:
shabamon wrote:
I always find this topic so tacky to discuss here.




Everything is public record as no secrets are being released. I'm hoping Julie and Co. see this and realize what a joke it is they are paying Russ. To not be even in ballpark of SIU play by play gig is embarrassing.

Most everyone of our staff is grossly underpaid compared to peer institutions, not only underpaid, but grossly understaffed compared to the same schools.
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  Message Not Read  RE: SIU PlayxPlay Gig/Russ Tweet
   Posted: 7/24/2023 8:42:22 PM 
OhioCatFan wrote:

Once in awhile I get amused by an error. Most frequently this is in basketball. For instance, Russell sometimes opines that a player has traveled, and it wasn't called, and often he's right. But on more than one occasions, when he has a very poor angle on the play from his spot up on the concourse ring and I have a better view because the play is right in front of me, I've note that his call is wrong.

Wow, that's huge, man. Congrats.

"Loyalty to a hometown or city is fleeting and interchangeable, but college is a stamp of identity."- Kyle Whelliston, One Beautiful Season.

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